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Background : Born in 1960 in Moscow. He was a promising officer of the USSR army but he fell in disgrace when the soviet union was dismantled. He grew angry at his ancient american enemies and recruited many soldiers and officers from both USSR army and KGB to built the Pheonix Faction. He chose the name of the flaming bird to symbolize the immortality of his terrorist group, and named himself Colonel.

Weapon of choice : none
Actually, Vassiliev's weapon of choice would be his phone, as he has anything done by other people. It is said that he is very skilled with a Dragunov sniper rifle, and deadly at short range with a Bezshumniy Makarov, but it is also said that he himself launched this rumor. Anyway, these two weapons can not be found in Counter-Strike so...

Background : Born in 1966 in Poliarny, Promodine grew-up inside the army. He was excluded from the red army for irrelevant use of violence while he attended for a Spetnatz training. He had already been spotted by Vassiliev, who made him his first lieutenant when creating the Faction.

Weapon of choice : Kalashnikov AK-47
Promodine is known for his particular use of the Kalashnikov : unless many soldiers, he doesn't fire at full auto but aims precisely and often headshoots with a single bullet. Without any aiming cheat of course.

Background : Nobody know where he is born and when, but he's a lamer for sure. One day somebody asked Vassiliev why he kept such a coward in his team. The colonel answered : He's the only soldier I know that get out of each battle without a scratch : it's probably a blessing, I would'nt go against good luck.

Weapon of choice : No matter the weapon, he just needs a dark spot to hide.

Background : Born in 1970 in Mourmansk, Nikolaļ Sakharov had his baptism of fire in Afghanistan where he was quickly noticed for his bravery and tactical sense. Well known for his deadly urban manoeuvers, he was one of Vassiliev first choices for his private army.

Weapon of choice : Fine with an AK 47, Sakharov is good with any weapon.

Background : Born in 1965 on the sides of the Volga river, he grew-up with the legends of USSR heros. When he reached the age to join the army, he signed to be a sniper. His talents made him one of the bests of this time, and his fellow marksmen call him "Zaitzev" as the legenderay sharpshooter of the battle of Stalingrad.

Weapon of choice : Arctic Warfare Magnum

Background : Some say he is from Ukraine but nothing is less certain. The only member of the Phoenix Faction who does not come from the ex red army is really a mafia guy. Known in the mob as "the blade" because of his nasty habits of torturing his victims before letting them rest in peace.

Weapon of choice : Knife.

Background : Nurgloski was a member of the red army's orchestra, and also a specialist of infiltration and close combat. Vassiliev tested him by hiring a gang of muggers to attack him after a concert. Nurgloski killed the three thugs with his clarinet.

Weapon of choice : H&K MP5, dual Beretta pistols.


Background : Born in 1970 in Lille, he was early dedicated to law enforcement and engaged in the french army at 18. He quickly ranked up to Lieutenant and began training to enter the GIGN corps at 24. After his graduated ( 2nd place ) for GIGN, he entered active service and became the younger officer with a rank of captain in the french GIGN. His skills wary from marksmanship to team command and he's deadly with a MP5.

Weapon of choice : H&K MP5

Background : Born in 1964 in Manchester, Smithers frees his violent instincts in stadiums. He's sent in jail after having killed someone. A few years later, he's lured by the secret services into a trap mission. Surprisingly, he survives and his then formed to be a counter-terrorist in a high risk section.

Weapon of choice : H&K MP5

Background : As an orphan, he was sheltered by a religious community, and becomes a volunteer fireman. Frightened by the violence and the increasing neo-nazism in Germany, he signs for the police forces where he is selected for GSG9. His method consists in using smoke and lacrymo all the time, even when he should'nt. Many lawsuits against the state resulted from his massive use of lacrymo gas in urban zones.

Weapon of choice : Steyr Aug Military

Background :At the age of 5, he witnessed a lynching by a gang in the streets of L.A. that trigerred his vocation for protection. After a quick time in the L.A.P.D., he's sent to the S.W.A.T. in 1998. In this service that fits to him better than standard police work, he rapidly ranks as field-sergeant and gets his own team. During the events of Australia Olympics, he's noticed by his superiors because of his team's exceptional results. After a few successful operations, he's granted a few Blue Stars and Silver Cross Medals for wounds and exceptional bravery. In 2001, he's sent for a while to the international antiterrorism force, under the label of the Navy SEALS.

Weapon of choice : H&K MP5

Background : Son a soldier, grandson of a soldier, Hermann was destined to fight. As western Europe is peaceful now, he engages in antiterrorism and uses his personal relations to obtain access to GSG9, for which he would never have been selected. Some say he pays recruits to clean his weapon, load his clips and clean his boots.

Weapon of choice : Steyr Aug Military