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History : He was one of the leaders of the Kiev triumvirat, as it was called. With two other soviet colonels ( Sergei Ouliakine and Piotr Drabovitch ), he set-up a plot against his own army to prevent a nuclear disaster during the cold war, and then he fled to america with them. Since then, Dimitri Vassiliev, who was his greatest fan, hates him and wants him dead.

History : Former officer of the elite SPETSNAZ corps of the soviet union, Drabovitch chose France as his new home country, because he always dreamt of living in a french castle. The french secret service is supposed to watch over him. He's still working his combat techniques and owns a totally illegal arsenal.

Weapon of choice : Drabovitch can kill with anything...like a spoon, for example.

History : He was the brain of the Kiev triumvirat, the man who proposed treason to his mates. He is retired in Africa and often goes to France for his private business.


History : Still of man of nostalgy, Vassiliev now wants revenge. His goal is to punish the three legendary men of the Kiev Triumvirat, who fled to join the capitalists.

History : He was known as having the lowest IQ of the whole red army, but still he was deadly. His vicious and sadistic mind trapped many men to their death during all the battles he fought. Finally fired from the army after having slaughtered entire families of refugees, he became a mercenary and still worked for the KGB, and especially for Vassiliev.

Weapon of choice : Igor is famous for his stealthy knife slit technic, but he also likes POWERFUL weapons like Desert Eagle and AK-47.

History : Brother of Igor, he was also in the red army records as winner of the yearly military fighting contest 3 times in a row. He's famous for his brutal manners and his dedicatiion to killing.

Weapon of choice : As he likes to tear his enemies apart, Grishka tends to use shotguns and grenades.

History : An unemployed soldier of fortune who has only one weakness : his eyes.

Weapon of choice : H&K MP5.

History : Another veteran who fought in afghanistan. He was good at dodging bullets, but has a problem with aiming.

Weapon of choice : FN P90 and HE grenades.

History : A veteran soldier who served under command of Drabovitch, he is a wallhack specialist. When Vassiliev contacted him, he was having a vodka in a rotten cabaret in Moscow, and he grabbed the occasion to hunt his former officer and make him pay his resignation.

Weapon of choice : With its high penetration power, the P90 is the perfect weapon for a man who likes to shoot through crates, tress and walls.

History : This man has an unmatched record of surprise kills : his specialty is to sneak behind enemy lines to assassinate uncautious soldiers.

Weapon of choice : Scorpion Vz61 sub-machinegun.


Histoire : Englishman. Shooting instructor at the G.I.G.N., he is well known for his almost perfect accuracy. A lover of beautiful shaped weapons, even to a phatologic point, according to some colleagues of the health service. As he prefers accuracy to power, he nevers forgets to claim the qualities of a good MP5 to his newbie students.

Weapons of choice : H&K MP5, Beretta 92FS.

History : A newbie at the G.I.G.N., he trained all his life to be part of the elite group. He follows Black as his master.

Weapon of choice : Steyr Aug.

History : The team's camper. Fond of camouflage stuff, he is often mocked because of his funny look.

Weapon of choice : M-16A1.


History : Known only as Lt Cruchot amongst the G.I.G.N. personnel, she is in charge of managing security and support for all political refugees under french government protection. She likes to be naughty with male employees, especially civilians.

History : The most incompetent agent of the french army, Pentabert spends most of his worktime downloading warez stuff and porn pics on the internet, which annoys his boss greatly.


History : Sgt Zaz is a soured officer of the U.S. army, working at the Pentagon. He's in charge of ensuring communication with foreing secret services. He sure does'nt like the french.


History : One of the most efficient men of the recently created bodyguard society. He relies on his bulletproof case to protect his client...